Industrialization (1865-1901)

Part One:  Causes of Industrialization
Part One for Advanced Classes

What does it take for an Industrial Revolution to take place?


1.  Click on the image below and copy the diagram onto a sheet of chart paper or poster board.

2.  Using pages 182-199 in the American Vision research the “ingredients” that allowed the United States to industrialize in the mid to late 1800s.  Document your research in the chart above.  These “ingredients” can be placed in one of the following categories:

  • Political – policies or decisions made by local, state, or federal government agencies.
  • Labor – human activity that produces the goods or services in an economy.
  • Natural Resources – gifts of nature – land, trees, water, etc. that are used to produce goods and services.
  • Capital Resources – refers to goods that are used to produce other goods and services.  These may include buildings, tools, machinery, equipment, etc. 
  • Consumption – the use of goods and services by consumers, businesses, or governments.
  • Investment – the use of resources by businesses, individuals, or government to increase productive capacity by developing new technology, obtaining new capital resources, or improving the skills of the workforce.

 3.  Using the Gallery Walk Focus Questions, make observations about your classmates’ posters and then reconvene with your group to share your observations.

 4.0/A:  Chart includes a complete list of ingredients and all are placed in the appropriate category.
3.5/A-:  One of the categories has minor inaccuracies or is missing some minor information. 
3.0/B:  Two of the categories have minor inaccuracies or are missing some minor information.
2.5/B-:  One of the categories has major inaccuracies or is missing key information.
2.0/C:  Two of the categories have major inaccuracies or are missing key information.
1.5/C-:  One of the categories is missing.
1.0/D:  Two of the categories are missing/More than two of the categories have major inaccuracies or are missing key information.
0/F:     More than two of the categories are missing.

Part Two:  Effects of Industrialization


What are the consequences of Industrialization?

Working in the United States

The Life of a Steel Worker

Working Conditions


Part Three: 

19th Century Business Plan
Business Plan (U.S. History Advanced)

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